We can sit in silence. We can go outside. We can take take a long road trip, or we can just fly. We can lie in bed and not touch at all, or we can lie skin on skin, make love all night long. We can laugh at dumb movies, or sing silly songs, go out with friends or just push me against the wall. Please just come home, we can be happy again, don’t give up on the flame within. I’ll take you in, without a single thought. Sometimes a battle for love must be fought. I promise that you have nothing to prove, just please, think with your heart and ask what you are willing to lose…We are supposed to be forever and I will show you why. Your glow will come back and you’ll see, I’ve never left your side. Please, let me love you like the first day we met.
Forever yours, honeysuckle. (via im-a-wildflower31)